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LCD Backlight Technologies AppNote.pdf 03/05/2014 804.96 KB
Interfacing_LCD Panels with Microcontrollers AppNote.pdf 03/04/2014 322.69 KB
Programing Memory LCDs AppNote.pdf 03/04/2014 589.71 KB
PCN-2014-0221-01.pdf 02/24/2014 68.97 KB
PCN PCN-2014-0221-01.pdf
Sharp is making changes to the LQ070Y3DG3B, as a result of supplier EOLs. Product Specifications remain unchanged. This notice is provided as an aid to qualification, as these changes do not affect form, fit, function, performance, or quality.
02/24/2014 68.97 KB
PCN-2014-0221-01 (2).pdf 02/21/2014 68.97 KB
PCN PCN-2014-0130-01.pdf
Sharp is discontinuing the LQ065Y5DG03 due to supplier discontinuation of the backlight component. There is no direct replacement for this part.
02/04/2014 68.9 KB
Sharp_AppNote_MemLCD_FINAL.pdf 01/20/2014 941.47 KB
GP1UX31xQS_Specification.pdf 01/12/2014 816.02 KB
GP1UX31xQS_Specification.pdf 01/12/2014 816.02 KB